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MGO Floor

MGO Floor
Supereva Floors & Decor Inc. specializes in producing high quality, stylish, and affordable Flooring.
Product advantages
No TVOC No formaldehyde
no PVC or glue is used
best waterproof flooring option
scratch resistant
good option for heated floors
wear resistance:AC4
Excellent fire-resistance:ClassA
Product parameters
Wood size 1208mm(L)*191mm(W)*8.2mm(T)
Stone size 599mm(L)*294mm(W)*8.2mm(T)
Wood&Stone size 1200mm(L)*187mm(W)*8.2mm(T)
Application Residential and commercial and public
Wearing reasistance AC4-AC5
Formaldehyde ND
Fire-Rasistance Class A(ASTM E84)
Thickness Swell ≤3%(soaked in the water more than 24h)
Bending strength ≥20Mpa
Elasticity Modululus ≥3500Mpa
Surface/Internal Bonding strength ≥1.2Mpa
Thermal Conductivity 0.198W/(m·k)
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